Flagship Restoration Case Studies

Flagship Case Studies are selected from thousands of restoration actions around the world to document how effective and long-lasting restoration practices provide broad social and environmental benefits for local people. These cases are pioneering efforts with a proven track record of success and potential for scaling. They provide inspiration and valuable learning experiences for other restoration journeys. Sites associated with each study can be viewed on the Restor platform. Each case study is researched, verified, and updated in a systematized format by an independent group of researchers, including interviews with the main practitioners. Forestoration International is solely responsible for this content.

Restoration Cases Flagship Collection

Case Study #1

Community-led watershed restoration in Intag Valley, Ecuador

Case Study #2

Restoring native forest with Ban Mae Sa Mai Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Case Study #3

Bringing the Atlantic Forest back to life in the Rio Doce Watershed, Minas Gerais, Brazil 

Case Study #4

The hidden forest: farmers tend regenerating trees in African Drylands

Case Study #5

Restoring tallgrass prairie in Illinois, USA

Case Study #6

Forest and Landscape Restoration for livelihoods and biodiversity in the Shouf, Lebanon

Case Study #7

Reviving traditional land-use practices to restore landscapes and livelihoods in Shinyanga, Tanzania

Case Study #8

Scaling up Silvopastoral Systems in La Vieja river basin, Colombia

Case Study #9

Mutirão Reflorestamento: a joint effort to restore forests in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Case Study #10

Forest and Landscape Restoration in Fandriana-Marolambo, Madagascar 

Case Study #11

Bio-cultural restoration of Área de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Case Study #12

Community-based mangrove restoration, conservation and management in Pred Nai, Thailand

Case Study #13

Restoring communal fisheries and landscapes in the Nepalese Himalaya

Case Study #14

Restoring forests and public trust in Oregon, USA with the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project

Case Study #15

Marketing carbon to support smallholder-based agroforestry and reforestation in Chiapas, México

Case Study #16

Rewilding the Scottish Highlands

Case Study #17

Restoring watersheds through comprehensive development in Southern Haiti

Case Study #18

Using regenerative agriculture to restore the Spanish Altiplano landscape

Case Study #19

Rewilding floodplains and wetland corridors in the Lower Danube River and the Danube Delta

Case Study #20

Junglescapes: Restoring forests to conserve wildlife in India’s Western Ghats