Scientific Networks

Data drives discovery

With the advent of big data analytics and AI, we are able to enhance ecological and climate models with real, ground-sourced data collected through global networks of thousands of ecologists. We encourage you to get involved and submit your data!

Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative

The Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative (GFBI) made of forester and forest scientists studies and manages the world’s largest tree-level forest inventory database. This network supporting cutting-edge research, has gathered more than 1.2 million tree-level plots, from over 70 countries. The GFBI is also a platform aiming at disseminating research and forest education internationally as well as giving access to global forest inventory data and services.

Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative

The Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative (GSBI) is designed to create a global collaboration of scientists, all with the goals of informing the public, promoting this information into environmental policy, and overall creating a platform for the current and future sustainability of soils. The network made of more than a hundred scientists, all over the world, have built up a dataset containing over 11,000 soil samples, from over 50 countries, allowing ecosystem services to incorporate scientific knowledge in their projects.