Top Climate Change Articles of the Week

Whether you love or hate McDonalds, you can’t deny that any changes towards a more sustainable future is a good thing. So what are the old Golden Arches up to now?

Maccie D’s and Starry B’s

McDonald’s and Starbucks may not be everyone’s cup of tea for various reasons. But you can’t deny that them getting together to produce recyclable and reusable cups is a step in the right direction. They are looking into new materials in a bid to move away from their usual plastic packaging and join a more sustainable future. They’re not stopping at cups either. Straws, they’re coming for you next!

Don’t really care about the climate? What about a world with no internet?

One of the many devastating affects of climate change is that our sea levels are rising. This would lead to flooding which could affect the network of cables that make up the internet. These cables are situated underground the roads in tunnels. If the wiring, which was not built to withstand flooding, is affected with sea water, it could leave millions of Americans in major cities with no internet.

Decarbonised Costa Rica

Giving major props to Costa Rica for banning fossil fuels! They are going to be the world’s first decarbonised society. 99 per cent of Costa Rica’s energy already comes from renewable energy. But getting to zero carbon emissions will still be a mammoth task. Their last hurdle is the transport industry and moving away from fossil fuels. It probably won’t be done within a couple of years, but this final step, along with the steps they have already taken is sending out the right message to the rest of the world.


Feeling guilty about your carbon footprint, but not even sure what yours is like? Want to make a difference but don’t know where to begin? Reforestum can help. You can create a forest based on three options; your budget, the area you want your forest to be, or your CO2 footprint. If you choose your CO2 footprint, you can calculate what yours actually is and then work out what you need to do to counteract it.

Soil Viruses

The warming climate means frosts are melting. “To microbes, they’re like a freezer full of juicy chicken meals thawing out.” We know a lot about viruses in the oceans, but with the number of soil viruses increasing due to the shift in temperature,it calls for more research about soil. The Crowther Lab have always been interested in what’s going on below our feet, so this article links directly to some of our work.