Top Climate Change Articles of the Week

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Cheese Lovers Beware

All cheese lovers say aye! You can’t live in Switzerland and not be a cheese lover. In fact, you can’t live anywhere and not be a cheese lover, right? In the same way humans can feel lethargic and unproductive in high temperatures, cows are the same. While dairy farmers are coming up with new ways to try and keep their cows cooler, if the climate continues to change, we could see a 10% loss in dairy production.

US artists ‘floods’ Time Square

Does everyone remember when Pokémon Go came out? Mel Chin, a conceptualist artist from the US used a multi-media experience similar to that to show what New York could look like if flooded. This was to highlight the drastic changes we would face if sea levels continue to rise. This augmented reality allows users to see 3D holograms of ships floating above them using their smartphones.

How does your country rank in the fight against climate change?

How is each country doing in the fight against the climate since the Paris Agreement? 111 parties opted into the Agreement, but here are the top 58 ranked from ‘very poor’ like Kazakhstan, to ‘good’ like Denmark. The first three places are empty because no country has done enough yet to prevent the impacts of climate change. Check out the ranking and see where your country is placed. Are you happy with it, or could you be doing more to help combat climate change?

American schools teach climate change differently by state

31,000 millennials took part in the Global Shapers Survey in 2017. 78.1 per cent ranked climate change as their top concern. A large proportion of the participants who voted for climate change as their highest concern were from the US. This could come as a shock when the United States do not have a standardized science curriculum when it comes to teaching the topic. While some states teach about climate change, they do not link it to human activity. Some states do not mention climate change at all. Education will be a massive contributor in the fight against climate change. Do you think there should be a more regulated teaching system?

Symphony of Science

We are huge fans of an autotuned YouTube videos and we’re not ashamed to admit it. So this video is right up our street.