Top Climate Change Articles of the Week

Here is the weekly dose of our ‘Top Climate Change Articles of the Week.’ What a week it has been! Tom spoke at the Esri User Conference in front of 18,000 people, Trump has landed in the UK to a less than welcoming reception, and football sadly is most certainly not coming home. Read on to see which articles have taken our fancy this week.

These are the toughest emissions to cut, and a big chunk of the climate problem.

A lot of emphasis is being put on increasing renewable energy in the fight to tackle to climate change. However, one of the largest contributors could be the most difficult to cut back; long-haul shipping, transportation and cement and steel production. These account for nearly a quarter of global emissions. If we don’t act fast, we could be trapped in what is known as a carbon lock-in. Once a coal or steel plant has been constructed, it is more difficult to shut down as thousands of people may be reliant on it for jobs or their investments.


‘Church of England votes to withdraw funds from companies that contribute to climate change.’

Still not taking climate change seriously? The Church does not approve. The Church of England are going to withdraw any funds going to companies that aren’t taking climate change seriously. They’re taking a moral and leading role in the fight for climate change as they are adamant they are going to put pressure on companies and ensure they must take responsibility. Whether you’re religious or not, this is definitely something we can get on board with.


‘How a hobby can boost researchers ‘productivity and creativity

We have always put a lot of emphasis on culture at the Crowther Lab. We take regular breaks to compete in fierce games of ping-pong and Frizzball, and meet outside of work to have celebratory drinks or yoga led by Devin in the park. Many people find it difficult to switch off from work, but we have found our productivity is far better when we do allow ourselves to have these moments away from work. Research shows having a hobby completely separate to work is beneficial to both our physical and mental well-being



‘Trump in UK: Pomp and protest as visit stokes culture war’

Trump touched down in London Town (yes this is a Kanye West lyric, very fitting). Some have called the protests he has been met with “embarrassing and cringeworthy.” Others have rallied behind them, protesting against Trump’s decision to separate migrant children from their families at the border. Alongside this, people are protesting against Trump and the Paris Agreement. Richard Branson is hopeful that the US President will change his mind after pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Businesses and cities were behind the transition to low-carbon energy, so the decision came as quite a shock. What do you think to the London protests – go for it, or cut it out?


‘All the ways climate change is hurting your daily life’

We have posted articles like this before, but it’s always a good idea to remind ourselves how climate change can effect us personally. While some of this list are spoken about regularly, did you know climate change increases the risk of spreading diseases? Disease-carrying insects which would usually be killed in the winters, are being treated to longer summers in higher latitudes.