Top Climate Change Articles of the Week

The next instalment of our Top Climate Change Articles of the Week is here! Albeit a day or two late. But that just means you get a double dosage this week. Winning!


6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong


I hope this article doesn’t leave you in despair. For those of us who do recycle, suddenly finding out that we might have been doing it incorrectly all this time can be a little disheartening. But, we must not dwell. It doesn’t mean that these 6 items shouldn’t be recycled, they just need to be recycled in a different way.

MPs to examine environmental footprint of UK fashion industry


MPs are growing increasingly worried at the thread(threat, but what a pun) the fashion industry could be having on climate change. An audit committee are exploring the resource use and water footprint of clothing through their lifecycle. This worry has increased even further with the immergence of ‘fast-fashion.’ It’s so easy to opt for cheaper high-street brands, especially when on a budget. But if the global fashion industry continues to grow as it is doing, it could account for a 1/4 of the world’s annual carbon budget. There’s nothing stylish about that.

Could the eco-war against plastic and waste make you money?


The rise in interest surrounding climate change is leading to a new wave of investments. The Paris Agreement aims to have CO2 emissions drop by 70% by 2050. That means transport companies, power production companies, building companies and more will be looking for new alternative production processes, resulting in a need for new investments. If you’re looking to invest, green stocks may be the way to go.



Although this isn’t a new company, it was brought to my attention as I hadn’t heard of them. We took a poll on Instagram to see who had heard of them and only 26% voted that they had, so that’s why Fairphone has made our Top Climate Change Articles of the Week.

Fairphone manufacture ethical phones that are built to last. Unlike other phone manufacturing companies, Fairphone are dedicated to having a positive social and environmental impact by using fair materials and good working conditions

Theyalso encourage the re-use and recycling of our phones. We are constantly encouraged to upgrade our phones, resulting in a huge amount of wastage. Fairphone sell spare parts, create long-lasting designs, provide repair tutorials and offer a ‘take back’ program, which supports the reuse and recycling of your old phones.

Will you switch to FAIRPHONE?

Global Warming Impacts


This week’s blog has been pretty positive for the most part. So, let’s bring it right back down to earth and remember how depressing all this climate change stuff actually is. This article is great because it reminds us that climate change isn’t coming, it’s already upon us. It isn’t set out to leave us feeling deflated. It gives us the honest truth about the state we’re currently in. The first few we already knew about, but there might be some in the list that surprise you!