Top Climate Change Articles of the Week

This week was taken up by bees, bees and more bees. I won’t write about all of the bee articles in this blog but I WILL include our collection of photographs of the little guys. They were definitely our inspiration for the week 🐝.

‘Your Morning Cup of Coffee Is in Danger. Can the Industry Adapt in Time?’


Obviously climate change is bad, we’re definitely not fans of it here but I feel it’s gotten really personal now. Looking forward to a coffee is one of the great morning delights, and now climate change might be taking that away from us. Studies are showing that climate change poses a threat to the coffee industry, as rising temperatures will bring drought.

Climate change just got personal 😠.

Adidas Parley


This isn’t an article, but definitely something to blog about. Adidas Parley is the official collaboration product line between Adidas and Parley for the Oceans.  The shoes are made from plastic collected from the ocean. If that isn’t an excuse for some retail therapy then I don’t know what is 👟.


‘5 ways to help our disappearing bees.’ 


Here we go…it’s bee time. David Attenborough recently asked for everyone to help save the bees. The world bee population has dropped by a third. No big deal? SO wrong. Once the bees are gone, humans would have only 4  years left to live. This article suggests 5 simple ways we can assist in getting our honeybee numbers back up to scratch.


Esri User Conference


Again, this isn’t an article 🙏 sorry! Tom will be speaking at the Esri User Conference in July and we’re just a little bit excited about it. The list of guest and keynote speakers was released this week. From the President of Esri Jack Dangermond, to our pal Felix Finkbeiner. This is a really big deal for us as Tom will be speaking in front of 18,000 people about GIS and effective it could be for Global Restoration.

‘EU raises renewable energy targets to 32% by 2030.’


The EU is raising it’s renewable energy targets to 32%. This new target is to ensure we reach the Paris Agreement goals. There will be another review in 2023 however, to see if the target can be bumped up even further as green energy advocates argue this target is already unambitious

Thanks for reading! Same again next week.