Top Climate Change Articles of the Week

Hello everybody! As you’re probably aware by now, we’re pretty into climate change. So, we have decided to coalesce all of our favourite climate change related articles of the week onto one, easy to access platform. These won’t all be brand new, but they may have been sent to us, or we may have only just stumbled upon them. Either way, they have caught our eye for one reason or another and we hope they will catch yours. The fun doesn’t stop there. We will now be doing this on a regular basis. So you can expect to find all  of our favourite past, and current information…right here.



‘Climate Change Is Becoming a Top Threat to Biodiversity’


This article highlights the alarming effects that climate change is having, focussing specifically on biodiversity. It is emerging as a top threat to wildlife. Some animals’ numbers could decline by as much as 50 percent by the end of the century. Alongside climate change, land degradation and biodiversity loss are having a significant impact. For example, deforestation can release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, effecting global warming further still.


‘Can maps stop a bulldozer?’


This paper was brought to our attention by Jean-Francois. Over the past year, MapHubs has been helping Mighty Earth  – a non-profit that works to break the link between agribusiness and deforestation around the world – monitor a company who was actively clearing intact forest for oil palm. “This company has not signed any sustainability pledges nor does it adhere to commonly accepted responsible production practices.” This is extremely worrying. Find the full article here.


‘7 Species Hit Hard by Climate Change -Including One That’s Already Extinct’

We all know the drastic effects climate change is having on our wildlife. This article lists thr 7 species that are being hit the hardest. Have a read and see if any surprise you.


‘New Population of Genetically Distinct Blue Whales Discovered in New Zealand.’


Good news, a new population of genetically distinct blue whales has been discovered. WOOHOO! Bad news, their home is in an areas which will be used for seafloor mining. Not-so-woohoo.


‘9 questions about climate change you were too embarrassed to ask.’


Are you interested in climate change but sometimes find it overwhelming to wade through all of the information and differing views? This article takes us back to basics, with some of the more ‘obvious’ questions that we may feel too embarrassed to ask. Shake the feelings of embarrassment, check out this article and let’s all get climate change clued up 🤓.


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