New Crowther Lab Team Member


Team Update

We’ve welcomed another new member to the Crowther Lab – Tom Elliott. The reason he has his own dedicated blog is because he has a role with a twist. He is another non-scientist, but will have a huge effect on the future of the lab.

While some people may be reading this wondering why we have hired another non-scientist, there is method to our ‘madness.’ Tom’s role will help facilitate the longevity of all of our projects and research.

The Role

Tom’s official title will be ‘Business Development and Strategy Officer.’ He has been a trained chartered accountant for over 10 years, so is equipped with the expertise to ensure that our larger than usual lab will have the funding necessary to produce their work. We hope this will encourage even more efficient work, with less time being spent searching for grants. It frees up more time to be spent working on the most important thing – the science. Tom will be managing the infrastructure and finances of the group and regularly report to the our funding organizations and partners.


Other Tasks

Tom will also be setting the strategy to achieve the Crowther Lab’s stated goals. These goals are to generate a spatially explicit understanding of current, future and potential carbon sequestration, and their relationships to local biodiversity to directly guide local and international conservation and restoration efforts in the fight against:

  • Biodiversity Loss
  • Climate Change
  • Rural Poverty

Another strength of having Tom join our group will be his role in developing relationships with key stakeholders. This will be in the areas of media, industry and policy in order to effectively communicate the group’s work and facilitate practical application beyond the scientific community. This is only Tom’s first week in Zurich but he has settled into the group effortlessly. So far, he has played for the Eagle Sharks FC (our Crowther Lab football team) and adopted the nickname Missy Elliott.