What is the Crowther Lab?

What is the Crowther Lab?


The Crowther Lab has been officially up and running for 49 days! But who are we?

We have hit the ground running with our research but haven’t yet described who we are or what we hope to achieve. Here is a (very) brief overview.

The Crowther Lab is a collection of researchers, scientists and technical staff with a range of expertise from microbiology to digital marketing. However, we are  all working with one thing in mind – the climate. We study the ecological processes that influence the climate to help us predict and combat anthropogenic climate change. A media team will work alongside the scientists. Their aim is to publish the lab’s findings and promote climate change on easily accessible public forums. This will hopefully encourage more conversations on and awareness around the environment and climate change.

Our Research

The research is split into four areas: Earth System Dynamics, Global Forest Systems, Global Soil Biodiversity and Community Ecology.

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What is the Crowther Lab?

Earth System Dynamics

Kailiang, Sabiha and Felix will work together to help us understand how the earth will respond under climate change. This will help us to make strategies to predict and change it.

Global Forest Systems

Jean-François, Iris, Julia, Constantin, and Haozhi will work on understanding the patterns in forest structure at a global scale, and how this determines the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. Their work will tie in closely with Global Soil Biodiversity.

Global Soil Biodiversity

In layman’s terms, plants suck carbon from the atmosphere. Soil organisms release it back. We need to understand the global distributions of these organisms to improve the earth system dynamics. Stefan and Johan will be working on this.

Community Ecology

This is where we will ask the most fundamental questions about diversity. We will ask questions like why it arose, why it is still maintained on earth and also why are there more than one species on earth? Dan, Nicky and Joe will tackle this.


We have a team working behind the scenes on Project Management, Technical Support, Administrative Support and Communications and Media. This gives the lab a unique edge as we hope to concentrate just as much of our time and resources on communicating the research while it is being carried out. We hope that by improving awareness, we not only communicate the messages, but we hope it will engage new people who can join us in improving our mission.


This has been a very brief breakdown, but hopefully gives a little more insight into what we are doing. Please remember to follow us on social media and contact us if you have any questions on a specific topic.

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